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Gain Authorship on Your Site


One of the most important things you can do to ensure that search engines like Google can trust your site as well as increase its overall visibility is through authorship.

Authorship is simply another way for Google to verify your website and for you to prove its true value.  This is becoming increasingly more important as search engines shift to a more semantic approach, and are indexing and ranking search results based on quality and relevance.

You should definitely consider using the rel=”publisher” authorship markup for your business website.  Previously, Google relied heavily on the markup rel=”author” which tied your personal Google+ profile to individual articles.  Now, thanks to rel=”publisher”, your Google+ business page is connected to your website and this definitely provides better branding for for search queries while making it easier for Internet users to find you.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to gain authorship:


1) Create a Google+ page for your business

* You will need to sign in to your personal Google+ account first.

* Create a new page by clicking on the “Pages” link which is found under the “More” category.

* Choose either the “Local Business” or the “Place” category.  Enter your company’s phone number and then “Locate.”  (If your company’s name doesn’t show up,  you can “Add Your Business To Google”).

* Edit company info as needed.


2) Add the “rel=publisher” tag

* Add the rel=publisher tag within the HTML head tag code of your homepage (or the most significant/important page on your website).  According to Google, the tag needs to look like this: <link href=”Your Company’s Google+ page url” rel=”publisher”/>

* You must then create a link on your Google+ business page pointing back to your website (this link should be the same url of the page that the above link was added to).


3) Test it

* You can utilize Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool to see if you implemented the rel=publisher tag correctly.  If correct, the tool will display the markup just as it would appear in the search results.

* Occasionally, the process of verification may take up to six weeks.  In the meantime, you can manually check Google by doing a search for your website’s name every couple of days.


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